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Fan Ramen

     Who's hungry?

A podcast where Ralph Avalon and Lindy Day read your fanfiction. We feature different stories in each episode. As professional performers, we bring your characters, dialogue, and prose to life. Each week we take a bite of something new!

By Fans, For Fans

Lindy is a touring guitarist for classic rock tribute bands and original projects. When not on tour, she writes fanfiction and original stories. Ralph is just a moron. There is nothing special about him. Longtime music producer Kevin has produced and recorded songs chosen by Epic Music LA for Gears of War 5 (2019). He also produced the sound effects and music for Where in Time Is Carmen San Diego.

Ralph, Lindy, and Kevin are members of Black Ramen, a band that writes music for major film and video games. They have a recording studio and they're glad to use it for this podcast!

Submit Your Fic

How To Submit

1. Send your fic to Include a link(s) where your work is hosted.

2. We read 2k words or less per submission

3. Include the fandom(s) in the subject line

4. To suggest a fic you don't own, use the form below

Talk To Us

Use the form below to ask us a question, leave a comment, or give us feedback. We love being part of the fanfiction community and we're excited to hear from you.


We personally moderate all our social media, so hit us up!

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We love to hear from you. We might even respond to your questions and comments during the podcast.

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